Business Development

Even with many years in the aviation industry, new eyes and ideas can develop the portfolio by modernizing and streamlining the processes, training or get into new markets.

​In the past I have set up three aviation insurance companies, made business plans for the Nordic Countries, Europe and Asia, so if you want to start up a new branch or developed an existent portfolio I will be ready to meet the challenge.

Today we see customers buying their insurance from the internet, so compete with a sales team requires that the customer gets such a good experience and service that they choose the team instead of the internet.​

I offer assistance to start-up or development insurance portfolio with a focus on:

  • ​Clarify the vision for the business
  • Explore the right business model
  • Craft long-term goals and short-term action plans
  • Get known for your expertise
  • Products and services
  • Develop underwriting models
  • Pricing
  • Improve the brand
  • Increase revenue and profits
  • Reach more potential customers

But the most important is how my experience can help your company

Background & Experience

​With over 25 years of aviation insurance experience , together with over 35 years of work in the aircraft industry as an operator, aircraft salesman and pilot/instructor, my experience gives a great knowledge of risk assessment and management of all types and sizes of aviation insurance accounts, development / construction of underwriter systems and questionnaires.

My many years of employment with international insurance companies as underwriter, sales manager and general manager, has given me great experience in international planning and marketing.

You are welcome to download my resume from this link: HAC CV



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